Our Approach

KCHelpdesk is a relationship-based company. This is one of our core values, and it means that we partner with our clients to develop long-term relationships with them, get to know their businesses and objectives on a deep level, advocate for their interests as our own, and help them grow.

Our people consistently deliver for clients, which is why more than 90 percent of the work KCHelpdesk does comes from repeat business through our long-term relationships. We customize teams to match client needs: finding the right people to develop the right solutions, and partner with companies that have superior products and services.

KCHelpdesk does this with a relentless focus on quality, a commitment to cost-saving and scalable solutions, and a strong and diverse range of partners worldwide to help our clients achieve their goals.


Our Story

KCHelpdesk was founded in 2005 as a privately held consulting firm with a mission to provide corporations with high quality technology services to improve their business processes.

Early on our mission focused on the principles of providing customers with an IT source that could fulfill all needs and provide customers with one point of contact.  The firm strategically chose business partners with an eye towards quality ensuring that products provided can be maintained with above average up times. KCHelpdesk continued to expand our capabilities to offer a wide range of top-of-the-line IT services and solutions. We feverishly tracked trends to  help meet our clients’ continually evolving needs.  KCHelpdesk projects at the time included developing, installing, and maintaining networks for schools, real estate, manufacturing, health care, and many other types of small businesses.

After a study of the local small business environment, we found many businesses were in need of an IT staff or an IT supplement.  Employing an IT worker in most cases is not economically feasible, but we can offer cost effective support plans to help small businesses meet their IT requirements without the need of a full-time IT employee.  These plans help our customers protect their IT investments, comply with government regulations, and assist end users with IT needs.  These plans are customized to fit the needs of any small business, school, or any group that needs IT assistance.

Today, we’re at the forefront of delivering world class managed network services, managed hosting, and managed disaster recovery solutions supported by our talented engineers and technicians.

Our mission is quite simply to provide secure, efficient, reliable, and innovative IT service that delivers outstanding client satisfaction helping our customers meet their IT goals and lower their cost of ownership giving them greater returns on investment. This is accomplished by being the single point of contact for all of their technology needs.

From the very beginning, KCHelpdesk set out to be a different type of IT company—one that not only delivered superior technology solutions to its clients, but also brought personal care, passion, and attention, because WE CARE DEEPLY about our clients’ experience! KCHelpdesk is a great place to work. We are truly committed to excellence in our work ethic, in the products and services we provide, and in our valued relationships with clients, employees, industries, and communities.

The company’s focus remains on providing excellent products and delivering exceptional service to clients.   Through our adherence to best practices, we’re committed to the long-term development of every customer we serve, no matter their size. At KCHelpdesk, we believe that our services make customers more profitable and more efficient.  Our reputation is built on contributing our technical knowledge and valuable experience to businesses.

KCHelpdesk is the premier IT technology solutions provider in Kansas City, serving as the IT company of choice throughout  in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and beyond.

Why Are We Different?

At KHelpdesk, we work with our customers, not for them—engaging them with the intelligence, tools and resources they need to deliver value back to their business and elevate IT from a position of support, to one of leadership. This is what makes us different.
Meet Our Leadership Team

Sean Alexander

Founder & CEO

As the CEO of KCHelpdesk, Sean is responsible for the strategic, operational, service level management and financial performance for KCHelpdesk.

Sean has over 20 years of experience in overseeing, managing and designing networks, servers and IT Systems. As a founding member of KCHelpdesk in 2005, Sean saw a need for a managed service provider for small local businesses and non-profits that could not afford an IT team. By focusing on individualized service he developed many lasting relationships that KCHelpdesk is proud to maintain to this day.

Sean continues to guide KChelpdesk in strategic diversification and expanding their suite of business support services.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology with Emphasis in Management Information Systems from National American University. 

Sean is passionate for his family and float trips. 

Shawn Wurtz

Vice President

Shawn has been with Kchelpdesk since 2010. He brought with him over 10 years of skill and expertise in the Printerservice field.  Shawn is an advance server and computer administrator. What started out as a hobby, has led to a very exciting career in the IT field. He is very passionate about his family, and enjoys camping, fishing, but most of all just spending time with them.

Anita Alexander

Finance Manager

As the finance manager Anita is responsible for day to day bookkeeping and money collections. Anita is passionate about her husband, family and dog named Ellie

Anthony Senatore

Sales Vice President

Anthony has been with KCHelpdesk since 2014.  He is responsible for overseeing the sales side of KCHelpdesk. He works with our clients quoting, leasing, invoicing, procurement, marketing, project management, replacement plans, disaster recovery plans and server/computer management plans.  He loves to explore all forms of new technology. He is also trained as an advance server and computer technician. He graduated from Kansas State University. He is passionate about the Royals and Chiefs.  Is it warm outside? then lets go to the lake!

Rex Alexander

Receiving Clerk

Rex is responsible for managing the sending and receiving of procurement items. Rex is passionate about cars and spending time with his family. 

Carl Alcott

Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer, Carl is responsible for overseeing the technology infrastructure for all of our clients. He designs, maintains, and organizes clients- internal, hybrid and cloud based infrastructure. In Carl’s free time he enjoys researching cyber security. He is passionate about family.

Jennifer Alexander

Customer Liaison

Jennifer has been with KCHelpdesk since 2014 and brought with her 10 years of  past customer experience and a passion for maintaining good relationships. Jennifer is also a trained Tier 1 Technician who is currently working closely with several of our private school clients

Thomas Hook

Lead Computer Technician

Thomas has been with KCHelpdesk since 2017. Thomas is responsible for managing the tier 1 remote and onsite support tickets. Thomas brings 3 years of customer services experience to KCHelpdesk. Thomas enjoys finding solutions to problems by thinking outside the box. He is passionate about animals and training them.

Tony Harkness

Computer Technician & Social Media Manager

Tony has been with KCHelpdesk since 2020. Tony is responsible for managing the tier 1 remote and onsite support tickets. Tony brings an ACS degree and 2 years of customer services experience to KCHelpdesk. Tony enjoys watching movies, math, and learning all there is to know about technology. He is passionate about working out and video games. 

Josh Gibson

Computer Technician & Warranty Repairs Specialist

Josh has been with KCHelpdesk since 2020. Josh is responsible for managing the tier 1 remote tickets and any warranty repairs that take place. Josh brings 1 year customer services experience to KCHelpdesk and also is Windows Server certified. Josh enjoys video games and long walks on the beach. He is passionate about cyber security.